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I gave Aroma Magic products a go after they started to list the complete (or nearly complete) ingredients. Generally, I won’t purchase a beauty products any more unless it mentions all that is included in it. Even if a product contains parabens, drying agents or other questionable ingredients, I might still purchase it depending on the quantities of harmful ingredients and the product’s overall effectiveness but I do feel uneasy trying something that doesn’t list its contents at all or mentions only a few actives.

So, with the new line-up of Aroma magic face washes stating that it was formulated without soap, parabens, alcohol or artificial fragrance or colour, I was encouraged to test-drive the range.

The different face washes in the range are designed for different skin types, the chamomile and strawberry are for all skin types, while lavender is for dry skin, grapefruit for normal to oil skin and lastly tea tree for acne and oil control – I haven’t tried the tea tree one as I rarely get pimples, perhaps I’ll try it in humid weather.

These are also coloured and slightly fragranced accordingly, for instance, red tinged tube and face wash for strawberry. It didn’t list the preservative, fragrance or the colour added, I assume a food grade colour and natural fragrance was used. The White Tea and Chamomile face wash is my favourite for its light, floral scent and gentle cleansing.

swatches of the aroma magic face washes - lavender, chamomile, strawberry and grapefruit (l to r)

swatches of the aroma magic face washes – lavender, chamomile, strawberry and grapefruit (l to r)

The Verdict for the range: I love them, they’re gentle and soap-free, and containing less harmful ingredients than most others in the market and they now come in rather attractive packaging. I didn’t find any significant difference in the four face washes I tried, and I’ll say that anyone can use any of them.

What I really appreciate about these face washes is that they don’t sting the eyes, so it’s great for me to use it to clean my kohl and other eye makeup as well. Due to their non-irritating and non-drying nature, sensitive skin types can also use them, I use them when using retinoids when my skin gets very sensitive. They don’t lather much as they have gentler surfactants that clean without foaming like cleansers with sulphates, none of these left my face dry or taut after a rinse. I prefer these to Cetaphil which, while gentle, doesn’t cleanse well enough for me.

Some of the excitement does wear off after some weeks as the face washes are not treatment products, nevertheless they are good cleansers and an inexpensive range for all skin types. The larger, 100 ml packaging is more economical and I highly recommend the White tea & Chamomile or Grapefruit face cleanser.

I used to favour an ayurvedic skin care line called Biotique (which doesn’t list complete ingredients) till a couple of years ago but the new Aroma magic face washes and sunscreens (which I will be reviewing soon) are among the best, and by listing their ingredients and formulating with generally better and safer ingredients, they have are superior to Biotique in my mind and get my recommendation.

Despite liking these face washes quite a bit, I’ve found some others face cleansers that I prefer and won’t be repurchasing these on account of their incomplete ingredients list and, ironically, their aroma (except for one)!

I’ll be reviewing the four face washes individually here but the general pros and cons of the range are:

The Good [all four face washes]

  1. Very gentle, can use around the eyes with hardly any stinging or burning.
  2. Alcohol-free. Soap-free. They clean makeup as well.
  3. They use new generation and less-drying cleansing agents/surfactants, don’t strip face of moisture. Sulphates aren’t listed in the ingredients box so I’m assuming they are not present.
  4. Packed in a flip-top tube, they’re portable and spill-proof. Attractively packaged, the transparent/frosty tube shows how much product is left.
  5. Reasonably priced and a range of different products available in the line for different types of skin.
  6. Long shelf life of 36 months, use product within one year of opening.

The Bad [All four face washes]

  1. Even though the tube states that the face wash is paraben-free, it doesn’t list the preservative or the colours and fragrance used. Initially, it seemed as though all ingredients were listed but I see that the preservative is missing along with the colour and fragrance ingredients.
  2. A slightly slippery feel is left behind by the face wash, while it doesn’t strip the face of moisture, people looking for squeaky-clean might not like the feeling that there’s a slippery layer left behind.
  3. The Strawberry face wash has a synthetic sweet smell which is the reason that it’s my least-favoured face wash. Even though the package states it no artificial fragrance was added, it definitely doesn’t feel natural. The White tea & Chamomile is my favourite due to its mild action and pleasant smell, it has one of the nicest fragrances I’ve found in a cleanser.

Aroma Magic White tea & Chamomile Face wash

for all skin types, everyday pollution defence (as printed on tube)

This is my favourite among the four aroma magic face washes that I have tried. It is lotion-like and creamy with a light, floral fragrance which is heavenly. The face wash has a very soothing after-effect, a combination of its mild cleansing and fragrance, leaving one with a happy feeling.

aroma magic chamomile face wash-1aroma magic chamomile face wash-2

The face wash doesn’t lather much and while it does have a few beads, the hydrolyzed protein beads act as moisturizing agents and are too few for any kind of scrubbing or exfoliating action. Some other face washes such as the AHAGlow face wash (review to come) have actives encapsulated in beads which are released when the beads are crushed but that isn’t the case here.

While none of these Aroma Magic face washes really irritate my eyes, the chamomile one is the gentlest, I can easily wash my face with my eyes open, and that makes it unique! It’s easy to clean kohl/kajal from the waterline and mascara from eyelashes. I’ve found that removing the Biotique kajal is tough for any face wash, and even this one doesn’t completely remove it but it is very comfortable to use, regardless, it doesn’t sting at all unlike many makeup removers!

The tube’s nozzle dispenses a dollop of it which is all you need for a wash. The lather is very low but increases the longer you massage with it. Would I re-purchase? I already have!

It reminds me a bit of the philosophy purity one-step face cleanser (to be reviewed) except the Purity wash stings my eyes terribly and doesn’t smell this nice. Recently, I’ve tried the L’oreal Go 360° Clean for sensitive skin and it’s another gentle cleanser. I’m also testing the Elizabeth Arden Hydra-gentle Cream cleanser for dry/sensitive skin and it looks like a winner as well so there are several competing for the spot of the top face wash.

Price: Rs 75 for 50ml (less than $2/1.7oz) or 100ml for Rs 135

Aqua, centaurea cyanus extract, sodium cocoyl hydrolyzed soy protein extract, chamaemelum nobile oil, hydrolyzed protein beads, mentha piperita oil and camellia sinesis extract.

aroma magic chamomile face wash-3

Aroma Magic Lavender Face Wash

for dry skin, hydrating and softening (as printed on tube)

The Aroma Magic Lavender face wash is packaged in a beautiful lavender-tinted tube containing an equally pretty light lavender-hued, lotion-like cleanser. This lavender face cleanser variant is similar in texture to the White tea & Chamomile face wash minus the beads.

aroma magic lavender face wash-1 aroma magic lavender face wash-2

It’s creamy and feels like a runny lotion going on. The only perceptible differences are its colour and fragrance, this has a predominantly artificial rose scent quite like roohafza or sharbat-e-azam which I’m not too fond of though I do like the occasional rose drink/summer cooler itself.

This cleanser is the most expensive of the lot, just slightly higher priced than the rest, I don’t feel any particular lingering hydration or softening but it does have a good brew of ingredients and doesn’t dry the skin out, so it’s good for dry skin as is the white tea & chamomile one. Just like the others, the 50 ml size flip-top tube shuts well and isn’t prone to breaking or spilling. It is very convenient to travel with but the 100ml version will be more economical.

Price: Rs 80 for 50ml (less than $2/1.7oz) or 100ml for Rs 145

Aqua, decyl glucoside, olive esters, butyrospermum parkii butter, lavandula angustifolia oil, rosa centifolia oil, citrus aurantium dulcis extract and glycine soja extract.

aroma magic lavender face wash-3

Aroma Magic Grapefruit Face Wash

for normal to oily skin, skin lightening & pore tightening (as printed on tube)

The Aroma Magic Grapefruit face wash is a deep-yellow transparent liquid. It’s packaged in a convenient, attractive yellow-tinged flip-top tube, so the overall appearance is quite bright and pleasing. The face wash is free of soap and, apparently, sulphates as well, which is very good and the best thing about the wash.

aroma magic grapefruit face wash-1aroma magic grapefruit face wash-2

It claims to lighten and brighten the skin but I haven’t noticed any such remarkable changes. It leaves the skin feeling clean using clean ingredients and that’s good enough for me! It doesn’t leave the skin feeling moisturized as the creamy cleansers above, so it’s better for normal to oily skin as mentioned. It doesn’t dry out my skin either so it should be fine for dry skin as long as you’re following a cleanser with a moisturizer which is something one should do regardless of skin type.

The consistency of the wash is gel-like and it isn’t too runny or too thick, you’ve to be careful not to squeeze the tube much so that the liquid comes out in a controlled manner. It has low-medium lather, lather increases the longer you massage, it helps remove makeup as well. It has some fragrance, probably a combination of essential oils, a mix of woody and citrus aromas, nothing floral or rose about it; it’s not an overwhelming or irritating fragrance like the strawberry face wash, and is acceptable to me.

Price: Rs 125 for 100ml (about $2 for 3.4oz)

Aqua, decyl glucoside, cocamidopropyl betaine, olive esters, cymbopogan martini oil, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, grandis seed extract, citrus medica limonum extract, fruit derived beta carotene, citrus aurantium oil.

aroma magic grapefruit face wash-3

Aroma Magic Strawberry Face wash

for all skin types, gentle and moisturising (as printed on tube)

The Aroma Magic Strawberry face wash is a red-toned clear liquid with a gel-like viscosity, it’s not too thick and not too runny, feels right. It also cleans makeup without drying the face, I towel off the face after a wash so that any residue is rubbed off.

aroma magic strawberry face wash-1aroma magic strawberry face wash-2

I don’t like that it has a synthetic sweet smell which is the reason it’s my least-favoured face wash and also why I won’t buy it again. Even though the package states that no artificial fragrance was added, it definitely doesn’t feel natural.

Thankfully, the smell doesn’t last beyond the face washing else I couldn’t have used it. In fact, it’s better to have a fragrance-free product rather than unpleasantly fragranced ones, in any case, synthetic fragrances can be avoided in skincare products.

You will get 50ml of face wash housed in a red-tinted flip-top tube with a shelf-life of three years and 12 months when opened.

Price: Rs 65 for 50ml (about $1/1.7oz)

Aqua, decyl glucoside, cocamidopropyl betaine, olive esters, avena sativa extract, rosa damascena oil, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, fragola, rosa centifolia powder, tocopherol, cananga odorata oil and pelargonium graveolens oil.

aroma magic strawberry face wash-3

4 Thoughts on “Aroma Magic Face Washes – White tea & chamomile, Lavender, Grapefruit and Strawberry, Review, Swatches and Ingredients

  1. Trang Tran on April 25, 2015 at 9:17 pm said:

    Hi, I have just bought a tube of Aroma Magic Grapefruit Face Wash. In the instruction, it is said that “mattifying sunscreen during the day is essential”. Therefore, I am so confused about the use of sunscreen. Must I apply suncreen after using this face wash? If I dont, will my skin become more vulnerable to sunlight? I am looking forward to receiving your reply. Thank you for your time!

    • Hi, I think they say that it is essential to use a sunscreen after this face wash because it contains some citrus oils which can sensitize the skin to sunlight, it depends on the amount used which I don’t know.

      If you read my post on basic skincare tips
      you’ll learn how to take care of your skin and develop a daily regimen.

  2. supriya on June 15, 2015 at 2:59 pm said:

    u didn’t mention neem and tea tree face wash

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