Toning after cleansing can mean different things to different people, one could be toning after a makeup cleanup to remove all traces of makeup and the other could mean just a step to hydrate or balance the skin after cleansing. Sometimes, astringents and toners are used interchangeably. I wouldn’t recommend an astringent to a person with dry or normal skin.

I prefer to tone to hydrate my skin, so a toner is a suitable leave-on product for me which is not e a non-alcoholic, balancing or hydrating toner which I will pat on or gently rub on my face with my palms. After cleansing, it is advisable to use a product that will bring the pH of the skin back to its optimal, to around 5.5, to its acid mantle. A pH between 5 and 7 is acceptable, and the toner can be followed by a serum and a moisturizer.

The UNT Bright C Perfect Toner ($15.99 for 150ml/5.1 fl oz) is my favourite toner yet. It is alcohol-free and has a water-like texture and consistency; actually, it feels just like water, you won’t really see any difference. It has a very mild and pleasant fragrance which is likely to be acceptable to all people. Very often, the fragrance component in a skin product can cause irritation but this one can safely be put around the eyes without any stinging. When I was using tretinoin on my face and my face was very sensitive, even water would irritate my skin, this pH-balanced UNT toner caused no irritation or burning at all, in fact, it relieved the burning and was soothing to apply.

UNT Bright C Perfect Toner with Vitamin C-1 UNT Bright C Perfect Toner with Vitamin C-2

With a good helping of stable Vitamin C in the form of Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (see complete list of ingredients at the bottom of the page), it is gentle and will help plump collagen and reduce pigmentation. Its gentleness is perhaps also the reason why you may not see miraculous changes to your skin. Complementary skin care products can be used to amplify the skin care routine or treatment.

I did purchase a few other items from UNT (a Taiwanese company), which I’ll review shortly, they include Pearl White Intensive Capsules, UV Total sunscreen, Ex White 2 serum and Instant Wrinkle Lift.

The Good

  1. Alcohol-free!
  2. Beneficial amount of stable Vitamin C.
  3. Aesthetic texture, water-like.
  4. Pleasant and mild smell, doesn’t irritate skin.
  5. Very gentle, soothing, can be used while on retinoids,

The Bad

  1. Its gentleness! The very thing that makes it so comfortable and pleasant to use can also be its failing, it will not miraculously change your skin overnight, I believe it will take some time to show results.
  2. Contains parabens.
  3. A little pricey.
  4. The bottle is not very sturdy, it snapped at its neck when it was accidentally flung by a friend off the desk and on the floor. When inspected, it seemed the bottom of the bottle was very durable and the plastic thinned around the top/neck making it susceptible to breakage. I salvaged some of the spilled toner but some was lost to evaporation.
  5. It has just been discontinued by UNT and can’t be bought from their website but some pieces are still available on here and you might find some other stores selling it still.

Rating: 9.1
Formula: 9.5/10;
Effectiveness: 8.5/10;
Wear: 10/10;
Packaging: 8.5/10;
Value: 9 /10

Price: $15.99 from Amazon, buy here

Quantity: 5.1 fl oz/150ml

Water, Malpighia Glabra, Propylene Glycol, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Diazolidinyl Urea.

UNT Bright C Perfect Toner with Vitamin C-3

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